Special Needs Awareness Week

Special Needs Awareness Week “SNAW” will begin on Tuesday April12, 2016. SNAW is a week long event during the school-day designed to increase awareness of both physical and “hidden” disabilities increasingly encountered by our students in the Cassidy community.  Our goal is to facilitate interactive and didactic activities to educate and highlight our special needs, as well as instill a positive and empowered attitude towards inclusion and acceptance. This will be Cassidy’s fourth annual “Special Needs Awareness Week.”

The week’s events will kick off with an Opening Assembly where guest speakers with different disabilities come and speak to the entire school. Their speeches give students a sense of what life is like with a disability and what others need to know to relate better to individuals who may have the same or similar disabilities.

One of the most exciting components of Special Needs Awareness Week are the simulation stations which are set up in the gymnasium. Six different stations help students experience what life might be like with different disabilities. The vision impaired station uses special glasses and goggles to simulate life without sight. The physical disability station allows students to experience what it is like to perform daily tasks in a wheelchair. Other stations simulate disabilities with motor skills, hearing impairment, and various hidden disabilities.

Each year Special Needs Awareness Week provides an insightful learning and hands on experience for students. It encourages awareness and acceptance of students and adults who face many different types of special needs on a daily basis. This event is made possible through the efforts of parent volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that this event is a success. The PTA coordinator for SNAW is Kim Thompson. Volunteers are a huge part of this event to help with the simulation stations, classroom components and the opening assembly. If you think you might be interested in being a part of this event, please contact Kim Thompson, chairperson for SNAW at thompson_winkler@hotmail.com .

For more insight into this wonderful event, check out the article posted on the FCPS website following the 2014 Special Needs Awareness Week at Cassidy. http://www.fcps.net/news/features/2013-14/needsawareness

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