Science Fair

The 2015-2016 Cassidy Elementary School Science Fair will be Thursday January 21st. The Science Fair is for 4th and 5th grade students. There are exciting changes this year as we welcome our new science teacher, Ms. Kristi Fehr to Cassidy Elementary. Ms. Fehr will provide students with more information regarding the science fair as it gets closer!

Winners from the Cassidy Science Fair will be eligible to compete at the district level. The district holds the Kentucky American Water Science Fair, which is open to grades 4 through 12. This event  is coordinated by Fayette County Public Schools and will be held on February February 6, 2016. Check the Fayette County Public Schools website in December or January for details on the 2016 district competition.

The science fair is a big event for Cassidy and the school needs several volunteers to help with this event! Judges are needed (career in science not necessary) to help evaluate the projects and volunteers who can bring in breakfast or lunch items for our judges are key components to making the science fair an annual success!

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