Where The $ Goes

For the last three years, Cassidy Elementary PTA has been fortunate to have had a surplus of funds. It takes approximately $12,000.00 to financially support, facilitate, and organize events like book fairs, Fun Day, teacher allocations for classroom supplies, and other needs which arise as part of our facilitation of communications, wellness, fundraising, outreach and enrichment. Any money left over after we pay the bills is given directly back to the school.

This year we want your input and vote on where the money should go. Every parent who attends their grade level open house will be given the opportunity to help decide where the excess money will go. You can vote for the money to be put toward more technology for the computer lab; additional materials for Core Curriculum; or come up with your own recommendation based upon your assessment of need within the school. We appreciate your input and are excited to hear what you have to say!


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