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Cassidy Elementary PTA Standing Rules

Standing rules provide for the day-to-day operation of the PTA.  Procedures that are not covered in the bylaws, but are a general policy or way of operating for the PTA.  Standing rules may be adopted or changed without previous notice by a two-thirds (2/3) vote or with previous notice by a majority (more than one-half) vote.

Article 1: Board Meeting

Section 1: Board Meetings will be held the 1st Wednesday of each month at 8:45 am or as agreed upon by the board.

Section 2:  All board members, officers and chairmen are expected to attend all board meetings.  Should a board member miss 2 consecutive meetings without reasonable excuse, his office or chair may be declared vacant by a majority vote of the board.  The board shall appoint a person to fill a vacancy.

Article II: Officers

Section 1: The President/Vice President (President Elect)-Create and send out agendas for meetings, set calendar, plan fall luncheon kick-off for school year, run board and general meetings, give PTA updates at school functions, appoint nominating committee, fill committee chairs for the upcoming year with help from current committee chairs, and any other events deemed necessary by the board.

Section 2:  The Treasurer will make all deposits; pays all PTA bills/reimbursements; keep Quickbooks up to date/reconciled; financial report (profit and loss, budget review) for each meeting.   Make and monitor  (or designate a board member) the banks for all events, and other items deemed necessary by the board.

Section 3:  The Secretary will create minutes from all meetings and disseminate through Sunday Night News, website, and board. Create, distribute and count anonymous ballots for all votes; run/track PTA Membership (including staffing for membership drives and taking care of getting the money to the treasurer); PTA thank you notes, and any other items deemed necessary by the board.  The secretary will be the keeper of the bylaws.  The secretary will insure that each new member receives a copy of the bylaws and standing rules upon installation into office.  The secretary will also keep track of the standing rules and the expiration date of the bylaws.

Section 4: The Communications Chair will organize and facilitate the Newcomers meeting at the end of the school year,  review results of survey from prior year and facilitate discussions regarding change and communication of response.  Sit on the SBDM committee for surveys

  • PTA Sunday Night News, Board Representative for Website, Tuesday Folders, Directory, Promotion, SBSM Recommendations, and any other items deemed necessary by the board.

Section 5:  The Enrichment Chair will be the board representative for the following: 5th Grade Liaison, Arts & Science Extravaganza, After School Programming, Reflections, School Supplies, Science Fair, Teacher Appreciation, and any other fundraiser that may be added or changed.

Section 6: The Fundraising Chair will be the board representative and coordinate details with the following committees: Blue/White Tailgate,  Box Tops, Dance Off, Book Fairs, Fun Day, Innisbrook, Kroger Cards, Malone’s, Variety Show, Yearbook, and any other fundraising events deemed necessary by the board.

Section 7: Volunteers coordinator will be the board representative to recruit volunteers for all committees/events as directed by the specific committee chair; homeroom parent coordinator; office needs (ie…picture day, eye screening day, hearing tests, etc….), and any other events deemed necessary by the board.

Section 8: The Wellness Chair will be the board representative for all programing ideas to encourage healthy lifestyles.  Field Day, Landscape, Garden, Jog-a-thon, and any other events deemed necessary by the board.

Section 9: Outreach will be the board representative and liaison between guidance counselor, family resource and PTA.  The Outreach representative will also coordinate the back to school gift for teachers with new babies upon their return to school.  Also in charge of: God’s Pantry Drive, Special Needs Awareness Week, Dad’s DOGS Group, and any other programs deemed appropriate by the board.

Section 10:  The Past-President is a non-voting member of the board who assists with the transition to the new school year and attends board and general meetings.

Article III:  Committees

Section 1: The Budget committee is chaired by the treasurer and is composed of the president, vice president, and one other member of the board. The Budget committee will meet during the summer to review spending, profit/loss statements, and construct a working budget for the upcoming school year.

Section 2.  The Audit Committee is chaired by the President, President Elect, Fundraising Chair, and/or any other board members (at least 3) and will be responsible for reviewing and submitting the Financial Review Form by August 15.

Section 3: Committee chairpersons shall report to their board chairperson the updates on events, needs for events, and status of events.  The board chairperson shall report information at monthly board meetings.

Section 4: All committee chairs shall read and review the bylaws and standing rules.  All committee chairs shall be given a copy of the bylaws and standing rules.

Section 5:  All committee chairs shall keep a procedure book and turn over all materials to the new chairman within 3 weeks after the school year.

Article IV: Handling of Money

Section 1: The treasurer will cut checks for reimbursement on the 15th and 30th of each month.  Exceptions for emergencies can be made.

Section 2:  A board member will handle the bank at all events.  At least 2 people (including the board member and a chairperson) will assist with the counting of the money at events.

Section 3:  The treasurer, president, and president elect will have check signing responsibilities.  Two signatures will be necessary on PTA checks.  One signature will be acceptable on dollar amounts under $250.

Article IV: State Meetings/Trainings

Section 1: Board members attending state meetings/trainings shall be reimbursed after returning from conference with receipts.

Section 2: Leadership/Convention Expenses will be paid by the PTA for president, treasurer, and others as funds allow.

Article V:  Teacher Representative

Section 1. A teacher shall serve on the board.  If a teacher is not elected officer or chairman, the principal shall request a teacher to serve as teacher rep with voting privileges.  The teacher must be a PTA member.

Article VI: Donations/Memorials

Section 1. Cards and/or flowers shall be sent to the board members/staff who have a death in the immediate family.  The board may vote to send gifts.  The money is to come from miscellaneous expenses in the budget.  The amount of money spent shall be determined by the board, but shall not exceed $100.  This is coordinated by Outreach.

Section 2. Cards shall be sent to staff who have a baby.  The board may vote to send gifts upon the return of the board member/staff to work.  The money is to come from miscellaneous expenses in the budget and shall not exceed $100.  This is coordinated by Outreach.

Section 3.  Retiring staff shall be presented with a gift.  The money is to come from miscellaneous expenses in the budget.  This shall be coordinated by Outreach.

Article VII: Bylaws/Standing Rules

Section 1.  All board members shall have a copy of the bylaws and standing rules.

Section 2. Both will be reviewed at the first full board meeting after the election of officers.

Article IX: Training

Section 1.  At least one board member will attend convention/leadership yearly.

Article X: Election of  SBDM Parent Representative:

Section 1. Election of Parent Representatives to the School Based Decision Making (SBDM) Council shall be conducted by this PTA pursuant to KRS 160.345(2)(b)(1).

Section 2.  The PTA Board shall develop a timeline for notifying the parents of students enrolled at Cassidy for the current school year of the need to elect eligible candidates for each available position of the SBDM by March.

Parents wishing to run for SBDM election will submit a written bio (no longer than 1 page) to the PTA President by the designated date.   These bios will be made public.

Section 3.  The PTA Board shall establish an election date, time, and location and shall make the election information available to all PTA members and parents of students enrolled at Cassidy for the current school year.

Cassidy elections shall not have absentee ballots.  Voting will be offered at a morning drop-off and in the afternoon/evening of the same day.

Parents eligible to vote must sign and print name on a voter sign-in sheet.

The voting box shall be monitored by a PTA representative.

Section 4.  At least 2 members of the PTA Board shall count the votes, and announce the results to the principal immediately.

Section 5.  The term for elected parents will be 2 years and begin in June after being elected in May.

Section 6.  The elected parent/parents will receive district SBDM training within 30 days of election.

Article XI:  Recognitions

Section 1. The PTA will provide 2-3 ABC Awards each year to staff members who go Above and Beyond the Curriculum.  The award is intended for teachers and/or staff who put extra time and energy in outside of their classrooms and primary role of teacher.  Nominations are taken in April and voted on by the board at the May meeting. Awards are awarded before the end of the school year.  This award will be budgeted for each year.  Nominations will be taken from parents and students.

Section 2.  Each teacher will be given a Start The Year gift of $100.  This money shall be included in the budget and teachers may turn in receipts to treasurer following the above procedures.  PTA will reimburse teachers for supplies purchased to get their rooms/plans ready for the upcoming school year.  PTA will not reimburse for personal items.  Receipts must be turned in within the fiscal year in order to obtain reimbursement.


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