The Boosterthon Fun Run program is a healthy alternative to traditional product sales that raises much-needed funds for our school and over 1400 other schools across America this year. The nine-day program also promotes FITNESS, LEADERSHIP, and CHARACTER during the fun-filled experience. PLUS, EVERY STUDENT IS INCLUDED whether he or she participates financially or not.

This year’s character theme is ROCK’N TOWN LIVE, a music festival theme all about COMMUNITY. Students will learn five ways they can make their community rock!

Fitness Focus

Boosterthon supports our ongoing fitness focus at Cassidy Elementary and provides a yearlong fitness video series for our students!

Less Hassle

The Boosterthon pays for ALL costs out of their fee, freeing up our administration, teachers, and volunteers to focus on education. From logistics to cutting edge pledging technology and character resources, their team takes care of all the heavy lifting so we can enjoy the nine-day program. Learn more about their service at

Tons of Resources Included

Our school would have to pay thousands and thousands of extra dollars to receive around 7000 communication pieces, a world-class, interactive character and fitness program, the expert Boosterthon support team, and much more. With Boosterthon, it’s all included.

 Did you know most fundraisers allow schools to keep between 40-50%? But Cassidy will receive 51-52% and benefit from a fun, healthy, and easy fundraiser instead of one with exhaustive logistics and planning. Plus, the Boosterthon team pays for the entire cost of the program out of their percentage.

Giveback Every year Booster helps others in the U.S. and around the world by creating a giveback level in their program. Visit to learn about how our school is part of giving back.

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