Submit Weekly News

To submit an item to the Cassidy weekly news email (sent out most Sunday evenings), please follow the instructions below.

Requirements for Cassidy News Items:

1. Items directly from the PTA or school staff may be sent directly to by Friday at 5:00pm. The email will be finalized at that time and scheduled to send automatically on Sunday evening. Information received after 5:00pm on Friday is not guaranteed to be included in the Sunday evening email. (News items may also be shared on Facebook – if you would like your news to be shared on Facebook, please state that in your email.)

2.  Items from outside sources or related to extra-curricular activities must go through the Board of Education for approval before the PTA is allowed to distribute. Please provide the letter of approval with your submission.

3.  Not all parents have email access. Please take paper copies of each flyer for parents who do not have access to e-mail to the school office for paper distribution. Items will be distributed if 75 paper copies are in the Tuesday Folder Mailbox before Tuesday mornings at 8:00am.

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